Z-Bout: How Will Zach Randolph's Suspension Impact the Grizzlies?

Well, for starters, they'll probably lose. What?! Sorry. NBA Home teams are 91-23 all time in series deciding Game 7s, and Memphis is limping in (figuratively) after a Game 6 truck-sticking and (literally) with a hamstrung Mike Conley before you even allow for the loss of Randolph's 18/9 playoff averages. » 5/03/14 12:28am 5/03/14 12:28am

There is no doubt in my mind that football coaches, even at the pro level, remain some of the most backwards and blockheaded people of the mentoring world, or that the undeniably mediocre Leslie Frazier and his staff have made many bad decisions for many bad reasons. But you'll have to excuse me if I am a little » 1/02/14 1:32pm 1/02/14 1:32pm

Deadspin NBA Shit List: Kendrick Perkins, Anti-Fun

A celebration of the NBA's most infuriating players, both past and present. Read other NBA Shit List entries here. » 12/10/13 4:28pm 12/10/13 4:28pm